The Official Distributor of
SIEMENS Medical Products in Ukraine

about us page 1HM Solutions is a dynamically growing company in Laboratory Diagnostic Market on the territory of Ukraine.

At the moment we are distributing Reagents and consumables produced by Siemens, and provide technical and application service to our customers.

The history of HM Solutions starts in 2008 in Uzghorod with founding Hemo Medika Solutions company which was responsible for providing service and Hemo Medika Distribution company which was responsible for distributing goods. In 2016 two companies were joined to HM Solutions with head office in Kiev.

At the moment HM Solutions have developed infrastructure with 4 service / sale offices on Kharkiv, Lutsk, Odessa, Uzghorod and head office, training center and two storages in Kiev.

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The main goal of HM Solutions is providing high quality goods and services to it’s customer. That is why we implemented temperature monitoring/control system for whole process supplier-storage customer.

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In 2011 after annual Siemens audit HM Solutions got the certificate “Certified service partner” from Siemens and in 2014 as a recognition of high standards implemented to the service we got certificate “Advanced certified service partner”.

The professionalism of our team allowed us to open HM Solutions training center where we perform only customer trainings but trainings for engineers. From the opening we provided trainings for our partners from Ukraine, Albania, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia.

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